Tropical Island Resort

All activites are included in accommodation rates.

On The Water

Our 40 foot boat Jo Jo III departs daily and is at the dispoal of our guests for excursions. She has a twin 700hp jet propulsion system and capable of 40knots in shallow water.  This enables us to access shallow reef as well as uncharted river systems. All activities are family friendly with no previous experience required.

Deep Sea Fishing

With knowledge of the area built from thirty years of experience we have the pleasure of guaranteeing an unparalleled fishing experience.

Although we rely on our freshly caught seafood for meals we still maintain a high catch and release ration for the fish we don’t need.

Some of the species caught: Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Finger mark, Spanish Mackerel, Blue fin Tuna, Queen fish, Dog tooth Tuna, Giant Trevally.

Fishing Resort Australia
Fishing resort australia

Spear Fishing

With Haggerstone's remote location comes an unparalleled level of fish-life. All levels of spear fishermen  can enjoy the abundant reefs in our area.

All equipment is provided and coaching for beginners is always near at hand. Some of the species we hunt are Crayfish, Coral Trout, Fingermark and Spanish Mackerel.

Estuary/River Fishing

Haggerstone is fortunate to be situated near an uninhabited stretch of coast line. This gives us access to untouched river sytems.  The rivers are both beautiful and teeming with fish . A great place to explore, fish and discover.

Skin Diving & Snorkeling

Reefs in the Haggerstone area are untouched and show a good example of what Coral Life used to be before human influence. Float over the top of florescent  gardens, or plunge into the cavernous formations created by centuries of uninterrupted growth.

Also close by we have discovered an 1840s shipwreck in a shallow reef garden. Its giant anchors, winching blocks and bronze keel bolts are all visible from surface snorkelling and make a memorable dive experience.

Snorkeling is available both off our day boat or straight off the Haggerstone beach.

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Bird Watching

Haggerstone Island harbors a dense and varied bird population. Sunbirds, honeyeaters, pigeons, eagles, kingfishers, finches, jungle fowls, pittas and many others have made it their home. Dawn is a kaleidoscope of sounds dominated by the soft coos of the bar shouldered doves.

Bird List

  • Orange footed scrub fowl
  • Bar shouldered dove
  • Brown cuckoo – dove
  • Rose crowned fruit dove
  • Superb fruit dove
  • Emerald dove
  • Pied Imperial Dove
  • White breasted wood swallow
  • Black faced cuckoo – shrike
  • Spangled drongo
  • Pale white eye
  • Brush cuckoo
  • Sacred kingfisher
  • Noisy Pitta
  • Red headed honey eater
  • Brown honey eater
  • Yellow sunbird
  • Broad billed fly catcher
  • Leaden Flycatcher
  • Spectacled Monarch
  • Brown booby
  • Pied oyster catchers
  • Striated (Mangrove) Heron
  • Beach thick knee
  • Roseate turn
  • Eastern Reef Egret (white and blue morph)
  • Mangrove golden whistler
  • Silver gull
  • Yellow oriole
  • Common Koel
  • Mangrove Robin
  • Lesser frigate
  • White bellied sea eagle

What to Bring

Our average temperature is tropical range between 18C in winter to 30C in summer.

Pack, loose natural fibre, comfortable clothing. Sun hat and glasses. 
Sandshoes for reef walking.
 Comfortable trousers for bush walking , Camera, 
Long sleeved cotton shirts.

Casual wear and bare feet are the norm for the island.