Haggerstone Island Resort

Getting There

To get to Haggerstone you must first fly to Cairns, North Queensland. From there we can organize two options:

Private Charter From Cairns

The two hour flight travels up the largely uninhabited mainland covered with virgin rainforest, over an aquamarine sea dotted with lime green reefs resembling giant lily pads.

We like the charter to depart Cairns in the early morning: If possible guests should reach Cairns the evening before. This will allow the plane to return with departing guests in time to reach afternoon flight connections. We can organize a later flight if the earlier connection cannot be met. We would appreciate that guests restrict luggage to 12 kgs per person. There is limited storage space on the small planes and guests are asked to pack in soft stowable bags.

From $415 pp one way

Via Weipa

Guests catch a pre-organised flight to Weipa with Qantas.

From Weipa they board a private charter to Haggerstone’s air strip. Guests can inform us if they wish to book the Qantas flight using Flyer points, or wish to book themselves for any other reason.

From $391 pp one way (Qantas and Charter)

Getting there is part of the adventure. If you're lucky, you may see a fleet of trawlers, a school of tuna besieged by flocks of noddies or the ‘mothership’ that plies the coastline, delivering supplies to remote areas such as Haggerstone Island every two weeks.