Snorkeling & Spearfishing

All activites are included in accommodation rates.

The Reef in our area is utterly untouched and demonstrates what coral and fish life used to be before human interference. Float over florescent gardens, or plunge into the cavernous formations created by centuries of uninterrupted growth. Expect to see Green Turtles, Manta Rays and prolific fish life during your stay.

Every day out on the boat we visit a different destination and often will not repeat the same location within a month or even a year. Some of our favourite snorkelling locations we have named:

  • The Garden - A shallow and brillianlty coloured corner or reef known for its variation in coral types. Expect to see vivid coloured staghorn, plate, boulder and fan corals.
  • Ashmore Banks - A beautiful sand cay with an incredibly clear fringing reef and deep drop-off. Expect to see large Maori Wrasse, huge brain coral formations, briliantly clear water and the possibilities of Manta Rays, Crayfish and even Dolphins.
  • The Outer Barrier Wishbone Reef - On calm days we often venture out the the incredible outer reef formation located due east of the island. Wishbone reef is a large marine park where the reef curves away from the coast in the shape of a wishbone, cereating many points and channels where marine life gathers to escape the current. Expect to see every imaginable form of marine life in its most impressive condition.

Close by we have discovered an 1840s shipwreck in a shallow reef garden. Its giant anchors, winching blocks and bronze keel bolts are all visible from surface snorkelling and make a memorable dive experience.

Snorkelling is possible both off our day boat and straight off the Haggerstone shore. 

Spear Fishing

With Haggerstone's remote location comes unparalleled numbers of fish and crayfish. All levels of spear-fishermen can enjoy the abundant reefs in our area.

All equipment is provided and coaching for beginners is always near at hand. Some of the species often caught are Crayfish, Coral Trout, Fingermark and Spanish mackerel.